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Conveyor Belt & Accessories

We are Offering the best quality of products, services and technicians by continuously improving the quality of sales and distribution system.

About Us


is a company that has a major business in the procurement of goods and services related to the needs & conveyor accessories, conveyor system components, Rubber parts for industrial purposes such as in coal mining, gold, coal-fired power plants and cement industry.

Good Solution & Services

Conveyor formed of several technicians who have a vision for the future focus on the procurement of goods and services such as Procurement Rubber Conveyor Belt,    PVC / PU conveyor belt, idler roller, Flexco fastener, splicing and installation of conveyor (conveyor belt splicing and install ) Rubber lagging, Rubber linning and maintenance of conveyor systems.

Experienced Technicians

We have experienced technicians with splicing machine tool conveyor belt width up to 1600mm, assisted by a team of reliable marketing and administration constantly improve its performance with experience of art making major capital in competition at the moment, so in terms of procurement of goods and services always doing best for consumers.

Product & Services

Belt Conveyor

Polyester conveyor belts
Fabric specification: EP-80 TO EP-630
Width (mm): 300~2500 Length: Less than 300 Meter.

Fasterner & Belt Cleaner

Choosing the proper mechanical belt fasterner system is one of the most importing steps in slicinga belt

Splicing Machine

We give one year quality guarantee and long term technical support.

We also can train your workers for free. If you need, we can install and

assemble the machine in your workshop.


In addition to other previous products, we provide filters, GET, hydraulic pump, swing components, and undercarriage for heavy equipment to expand our product lineup and enable us to become a complete solution package for customers.

your workshop.
Rubber Skirt

rubber skirt used in chute so that the dust of material does not fly away and make the area clean,  also used for lagging drum pulley too.

Material Splicing

we provide material splicing of conveyor belt for hot splice, cold splice or mechanical joint using fastener.

Advantages of joint mechanical belt splicing faster thus reducing down time.

PVC Green

Experienced sales staff leads you through the specifics of your particular process and will present a variety of belting solutions.


Lagging Drum Pulley

we supply pulley lagging services with a variety of models. pulley lagging rubber type diamond lagging, chevron lagging and plain lagging. Also ceramic lagging either full or half surface.

Splicing Conveyor Belt

in doing conveyor belt splicing, we always use the steps of effective and efficient, both in the use of heavy equipment, or manually. we also provide pulling belt services

Linning Tank

we also can do the rubber linning for tanks, pipes, flanges  of all sizes.
Rubber lining can be done in your workshop or on site.

We Deliver Reliable Products and Services to meet Customer Expectation

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